Wednesday, 26 March 2008

What will be, will be!

My Easter daffodils

Easter? Easter you say? But, would you believe it snowed?! Yes, we actually had snow here in Kent on Easter Sunday. These are the pics from my garden to prove it. Brrrrrr! Puddle was fascinated by the snow and couldn't wait to investigate first hand in the garden. She scaled the heights of our back fence just to get a closer look at the flakes, daft puss! If you look closely, you can spot her doing her tightrope act in this pic ...

Puddle's first snow!

Still, at least the snow gave me a good excuse for staying warm inside and indulging myself with the chocolate eggs my children and Stuart gave me. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, don't they say? Ah well! Those delicious eggs were gorgeous dark chocolate and believe me, any forthcoming excess pounds will have been well worth it! Mmmn!

My Easter catkins

Because of the decorating (after all, it wouldn't be Easter without a spot of decorating would it?!) I've been all at sixes and sevens this week, which is why it's taken me until today to update my blog. I hadn't even had so much as half a chance to start work on my 'hush hush' bear plans until this afternoon and to be honest, I can't even use the excuse that I've been doing all the decorating because I only lifted a paintbrush briefly! (I know, shame on me!) I'm such a klutz with a paintbrush, I do like to try but I'm never happy with the results and I always seem to end up wearing more than I put onto the walls.

Work in progress!

Stuart has worked so hard to finish the lounge this week (after painting all the dark wood white at my request, I think he'll be more than happy if he never sees another pot of white paint as long as he lives!) and I'm really pleased with how it has come together; at last it's feeling like home. Once our new mirror and another light fitting have arrived and been put in place, we'll be done with all the titivating. Hopefully by tomorrow we should be able to put the furniture back in place for the last time and actually start relaxing in our new surroundings.

I left Stuart to the painting and crept up to my workroom today with the intention of setting to work on my new secret bear design ... (secret so if it all goes wonky I won't have to tell anyone and look a fool!) Suffice it to say, I have a new style of ted head cut for this design and I was raring to get to my sewing machine, but unfortunately the power went off for hours this afternoon and I couldn't use my machine after all, very frustrating!

Instead of working on the 'sssshhhh' head, I cut out a little elephant; this tiddly trumpet blower will be an extension of my earlier elephant pattern (the one I made for my new baby niece) with the three piece body shaping. I've decided to develop him just a tiny bit and this time incorporate a head joint, which hopefully should give him a wee bit more character. I don't know if anyone will want him when he's finished because after all, I'm not known for my elephants; still, when all's said and done, what will be, will be!


  1. Oh Paula, we had snow too! Visit my blog as I just posted a photo on there this evening. Oh, how I wish to be decorating! We are still renting after selling our house last year. Off to view a cottage tomorrow!(Thurs). Your lounge is looking great already, very serene wallpaper. Hope the new head turns out ok, I'm dying to see it!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. Yes, we had snow as well....Loads of it...I also posted pictures of the snow...Totally weird weather, with butterflies in the end of January and now snow with Easter. Maybe I should have my skated sharpened by June...hahaha
    Decorating is so much fun...when it is finished...I still have so much decorating to do, that it is quite daunting.
    I can't wait to see what you'll come up with Paula. I won't forget about that secret head!!! Hugs, Ellen

  3. Hi Paula, you were not the only ones decorating the lounge this Easter ,I tried every excuse to get out of it but alas no luck :-( anyway your lounge looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing the new top secret project! Good Luck ,
    Hugs, Ginie-Lee

  4. Good luck with the house hunting Sarah .. I hope you get settled very soon.

    Ellen, decorating fun?!!! Not in my eyes! I like the end results, but not the doing!

    Ginie-Lee, fancy us both being in the same state at the same time! LOL! I'm pleased to say we are almost finished in the lounge now .. just waiting for a couple of deliveries and to have my pictures put up ... those finishing details eh?!

    By the way, I'm going to work on the secret bear head today ... will report on progress soon!


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