Thursday, 13 March 2008

Shining Success Story!

I have another special surprise to report today! I received my subscription copy of the April issue of 'Teddy Bear Scene' magazine yesterday, only to discover that my 'Billy Buttons' bear has been included in a super article entitled 'Shining Success Stories'! What a lovely compliment!

If you would like to purchase a copy of this month's mag, you will find it on sale in most large branches of WH Smith in the UK, or pop along to

Teddy Bear Scene magazine issue 128 - April 2008

I am so delighted this dedicated mag has taken the time to highlight and actively support the international competitive work taking place in the world of bear art. And that reminds me, 'Teddy Bear Scene' is now accepting entries for their own 'Readers' Choice Awards' and as 'Billy Buttons' was a finalist last year, naturally, I am keen to kickstart my competition entries for this year with a submission. Time to put my thinking cap on!

Don't worry, my head hasn't been completely turned by competitions and publications, I am still primarily occupied with the business of bears and just to prove my point, here is a preview of my latest 20" bear ...

20" Bear in progress ... mohair/silk blend

... he'll be finished and of course named, later today, so please pop over to my website in a while, if you'd like to find out more about him. By the way, this bear is made from the softest shade of mushroom in the mohair/silk blend I mentioned in an earlier post and boy oh boy, is it gorgeous!

'Restoring teddy bears and stuffed animals' by Christel and Rolf Pistorius

No matter how many years I've been designing bears, there's always more to learn and alongside my frequent bursts of internet research, I also like to keep my eyes open for interesting bear-related publications. I spotted this book by Christel and Rolf Pistorius on last week and couldn't resist adding it to my bookshelf because it offers a great opportunity to learn about the construction of vintage bears, from the inside out. I have several other interesting books on their way to me too ... but I'll save those titles to share with you another day.

In progress - Erin Rose's pink cardi!

And finally, I must make time to finish the pink cardigan this week! At this rate little Erin Rose will have outgrown it before the cute little bumble bee buttons are finally sewn on!


  1. What another great article. Love the book, I bet thats really interesting. I've got a few, one is bears that were used in advertising. I used to like all the old advertsing posters from years ago.

  2. Hello and thank you for popping in. I'm glad you both enjoyed the article!

    Amanda, I love those old posters too! I have a lovely one tucked away somewhere (must hunt it out!) for Chiltern Toys. I intended to have it framed, but I think it was packed away for my house move last year and it hasn't emerged yet!


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