Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pride of Place

It came! I've been waiting anxiously for my TOBY Award to arrive since I received notification of winning it in January and at last, I can share it with you! It's very pretty, cut to catch rainbows, so I shall keep it proudly on my workroom window sill, where it can sparkle rainbows and inspire me every day!

British Bear Artist Award 1998 and
TOBY Industry's Choice Award 2008

The other award in the picture also lives on my workroom window sill. It might be ten years since it was awarded to me, but it is still very precious and I am extremely proud of it. Back in 1998 I entered the 'British Bear Artist Awards' with a 32" (yes, I did say 32 inches!) bear called 'Himself' and I was completely shocked, overwhelmed and totally thrilled to win first place in the 'Big Bears' category, competing against some immensely talented, most esteemable bear artists.

My 'BBAA' was a huge honour for me because I had only been making bears for a few years at the time and never for one moment dreamed I would stand a chance of winning what was then, the UK's most prestigious national teddy bear art award. It just goes to show, anything is possible if you truly put your heart and soul into it.

'Himself' 1998 'BRITISH BEAR ARTIST AWARD winner!

Today, I have been planning my competition schedule for 2008. This year I am feeling very positive and encouraged by the achievements reflected through my rainbow trophies, so I am going to take part in several competitions, not necessarily with a view to collecting more trophies, although wouldn't that be lovely (!) but more with a view to participating enthusiastically, shoulder to shoulder with those bear artists who like me, believe competitions help keep our bear world vibrant and inspirational.


  1. Wow Paula ; those awards look beautiful !! I couldn't get over the "nominee" rosette I got this weekend for the GTs !! To get something tangible for all that effort is just SO rewarding ...*High Fives* for you !! :0)

  2. awww...congratulations again Paula!!!! My TOBYs also arrived this week - I was actually 'whooping' with delight as I opened them!!!!
    Good luck with all your entries this year - make sure you share pictures of them all with us!!!!
    Hugs, Samantha xx

  3. I'm a tad green! Really posh! Especially like the new one.

    Are the British Bear Artist Awards still going? I've Googled until my eyes pop and I can't find anything.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Way to go Paula.... I am proud to say I know a bear maker that is doing so well and making such great bears.....

  5. Being able to share these awards has been such a pleasure. Thank you all for enjoying them with me!

    Hey Ruth and Samantha, high fives to you both too!!!

    Sarah, I think the British Bear Artist Awards are still taking place ... last year's were judged at the Hove show in December and sponsored by Teddy Bear Times magazine.


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