Saturday, 15 March 2008

Patient Porcini

'Porcini' 20"

Here he is, finished at last! This is 20" 'Porcini', the mohair and silk bear I was working on in my last post. I love the quality of this new fabric, it has such a wonderful sheen, unlike any other mohair I've used previously. The shade is so subtle too, really pretty. If you would like more pics and details, please pop over to my website, where Porcini is now waiting patiently in the hope he will soon meet his special someone!


  1. I've been admiring your bears and your ability for a long time.. I am your fan #1!!!
    Porcini is really GORGEOUS!
    Kind regards and Happy Easter.

  2. How lovely to hear from you - thank you for popping in to meet Porcini Monica. I'm so pleased you like him!


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