Thursday, 13 September 2007

Time flies ...

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? Goodness me, to claim a cliche, how time flies! It seems only yesterday I was preparing for my first show of the year and now, here I am again, but this time preparing for my last show of the year! 'Winter Warmer' show takes place on the 3rd November and I'm really looking forward to it. It was such good fun last time!

It's strange how the passing seasons always affect my choice of colours and design ideas. Here in the UK, Autumn is curling leaves now, richly colouring the countryside with the warmth of passionate golds. For some reason, these changes evoke an instinct in me to reflect nature's vibrancy in my work. For me honey gold 'Devon', my latest bear, epitomises the essence of my Autumn in England this year. I must make time to walk around the lake at my favourite local park very soon, as no doubt I will be inspired yet again by nature's fabulous autumnal palete, before winter's frosty fingers lay claim to my creative thoughts!


  1. uhm..... I think it already did are waxing almost poetic!

    Love the colour of your latest..he does look exactly like the golden leaves on my lawn. Yesterday's wild wind has them wheeling down the streets this morning......

  2. awww - I love this bear!! I love his colour and his gentle face. A gorgeous bear - as always!!

  3. Lovely to hear from both you! Thank you for popping in!

    Vee, I think you have a little of the poet in you too!


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