Thursday, 20 September 2007

Raspberry Ripple

This bear won't have her own page on my website, because she was created especially for a customer and isn't available for sale, but I've worked hard on her this week and I'm so pleased with her pretty colours, I thought I'd share her here with you. The colours raspberry and buttercup yellow cry out 'ice-cream' treats to me, so 'Raspberry Ripple' she must be!
Mmmn, enjoy!


  1. Hi Paula! She's absolutely delicious! I can really taste Raspberry Ripple ice cream just by looking at her.
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. She is beautiful! My favorite colours! I just discovered the bear makers blogs a few hours ago and nothing is getting made here tonight! So much to see! Deb

  3. She is beautiful! And in my favorite colours! I just discovered a list of bear making bloggers tonight, I am so loving it! Just not getting any little critters made here tonight!LOL! Deb

  4. Thank you for stopping! I'm so pleased you like Raspberry Ripple!


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