Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas is coming

Big bears can occasionally take a little longer to find new homes than their smaller, less expensive pals; especially in the current economic climate and now that I don't exhibit at shows. As we run headlong towards Christmas this year, I find I have two big bears who have remained with me for a few weeks and as I always prefer to have all the bears I make adopted before the end of a year to enable me to begin again with a clean slate in the New Year, I have decided to offer these two beautiful teddy bears at a special seasonal discount on my website, in the hope they will be able to start 2019 with their special people.



Reducing the price on teddy bears is always a tricky decision ... the bears are as beautiful as they were on the first day they were made and I am just as proud of them, so I would hate anyone to think they are less than fabulous teddies! These bears are special heritage teddy bears, beautifully handcrafted originals, created from fabulous luxury mohair, they are teddy bears worthy of a place in any serious collector's hug, but at this time of year, I understand that demands on a purse can be many, making luxury purchases a stretch for collectors. As it is almost Christmas, I would prefer to find homes for my bears at a lower price if possible, as my gift to you, rather than have them sat on their lonesome in my workroom indefinitely ...

I will run this special offer until Christmas.

If you would like full details, please popover to:

Thank you!


Update: Conkers and Douglas have been adopted!

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