Sunday, 3 September 2017

Almost Autumn

It was a beautiful evening yesterday, so Betty and I went out for a quiet stroll together, before sunset and found definite hints of Autumn!

This has been my favourite field to walk with dogs and family for years, but sadly now, to the right of this picture, there is steel fencing encasing the entire field, imprisoning heavy construction vehicles ... and where once wheat was harvested into beautiful golden bales at this time of year, mud mountains, scaffolding and ugly pipes now dominate.

Polly and Betty were was confused by the fencing at first, but have learned to skip along the mud path running outside the perimeter fence, towards a little wooded area at the bottom of the field which the developers have yet to destroy.

Despite the sorry state of 'our' field, Betty and I enjoyed our peaceful stroll in the evening sunshine together yesterday ... it was lovely to see our favourite trees bearing fruit, brambles laden with berries and long grasses turning to gold as the sun set.


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