Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Horrid Walk

With a name like 'Horrid Hill', the location for our Bank Holiday walk didn't sound nearly as fun as it actually was!

We had heaps of fun crossing the causeway to explore this tiny 'island' at Gillingham's Riverside Country Park. I love the landscape here, the backdrop of the power station on the horizon contrasts with the natural shoreline and many rotting boats, laying peacefully on their sides, long since reclaimed by the sea. I think it's a fascinating place and it was a super way to pass a Bank Holiday with my son and his family.

As for the dogs, they had an absolute blast and I was so surprised to see our Betty (she who usually steps round puddles rather than walk through them) undertake her first swim in the sea, under the watchful eye of big sis Polly ... way to go Betty Boo!


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