Monday, 27 June 2016

A slower pace of life

Devon was lush, green and beautiful ... we loved it! Our holiday home was a 250 year old Devon longhouse, renovated to provide a most welcoming family home and the garden ... oh my, that garden! It wrapped around the house with sheep and cows greeting us over the fence each day. Polly and Betty had so much fun out there!

After behaving perfectly in the car throughout the long drive to Devon (six hours on the rear seat with brief pit-stops to stretch their legs) my accommodating pair made themselves right at home as soon as we arrived. From then on, we all had heaps of fun together, playing games, visiting beautiful beaches and making the most of the wide open spaces whilst generally making the most of a slower pace of life.

Betty visited her very first beach on holiday and after a moment of wide eyed wonderment, dipped her paw in the sea and was soon rock pooling excitedly with Polly. I was delighted after three solid years of dog obedience training, to be able to allow my girls to run free on the dog friendly beaches, safe in the knowledge they would return at the beep of a whistle. They were so well exercised and entertained each day, they slept peacefully in our holiday home, from the very first night.

After our much needed break, it's back to real life and of course, back to work on my bears. Devon in June was a perfect relaxing break for us but now I'm refreshed and raring to get started on the mohair again!


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