Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Following on from my 'Doodles Discombobulate' post last week, this is Dolly Doodle's progress report and as you can see, she's not quite finished yet, but it won't be too much longer before this little lady will be able to meet her new mum!

After my previous post, I stuffed Dolly's arms and stitched her limbs to her body.  It's fair to say my dollies always look a bit strange at this stage!

Next I painted her shoes and pinned her head in place temporarily, to see if she was coming to life ... judging from her slightly embarrassed expression, she was!

Then it was time to cover her modesty, so I made a dress from pretty rose print cotton fabric and removed Dolly's head (poor girl!) for a dress fitting. From past experience, I have learned fitting the dress without the head in place makes life so much easier!

After gathering the sleeves of her frock, I stitched Dolly's head in place and cut a few strands of wool for her hair - she's hoping for a cute little snippy fringe and lovely full bunches, so there's more hair styling to do ... and I'd better not forget before I send her off on her travels, my little lady still needs her knickers made!!!!!

Not quite the usual hair stylist technique, but effective nonetheless!

Her hair needs a trim and some red hair ties, and there's a little more finishing to do, but all in all, my first Dolly Doodle of 2013 is almost ready to meet her public!

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  1. i like the WIP photo, NO. 2 shows her best, the stripped feet will glossy shoes reminds me a kind of traditional handmade Japanese candies.


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