Thursday, 17 January 2013

Positive Planning

The first couple of weeks of 2013 have flown by with me catching frantically at their coat tails, a phenomenon which seems to become more and more familiar the older I become!  However, despite days speeding up faster than ever before, I am pleased to report I have managed to make a few bears both for customers and the impending Hugglets show in London.  I have also overhauled my website, ordered new bear fabrics and components, put together a portfolio of last year's work, together with a 2013 calendar for my workroom - jobs I prefer to complete as early as possible in the new year as they help me to organise myself.  I am also delighted to be able to tell you that two new shops, plus my existing outlets, have asked to stock my work in 2013, so it appears 'All Bear' is definitely back in business for another year!

The Hugglets 'Winter Bearfest' show is only a matter of weeks away, which means I really must work hard to make bears both for my stand and also for the shop flying in from the US hoping to collect from me.  Each day between now and show day has been carefully planned and written on my new wall calendar to ensure sure I use my time wisely and don't waste any of those precious days!

Putting together my portfolio of designs quickly highlighted I didn't make as many bears in 2012 as I usually would in a year, which I suppose, was due to the time involved in planning my wedding.  No such excuses this year though (although I'm guessing a new puppy in the Spring may prove a little diverting)! I am  determined to be more businesslike in 2013 and make more bears.

Having said that, I am pleased I found time to make a few Prim Dolly Doodles last year ... they were such fun to make! I am hoping to work a few new dollies into this year's work schedule, alongside my new bears.

Puppy???  Did I mention a puppy?!  Oh yes!  Well, I need company while I work and am hoping an able assistant will help keep me fit and be the perfect antidote to long days spent working alone ... hopefully I will  have a little more news to share with you on that subject later in the Spring.

So, that's the planning sorted, now to the doing!

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  1. You deserve 10/10 for planning. I wish I was that organized.


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