Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I'm late, I'm late!

One more shop order to complete and only then will I be able to indulge myself with a few 'Santa's Sack' specials.  I'm running pretty late with my festive creations as I usually have my website 'Santa's Sack' up and running during November but this year has been so busy with non-bear related events, I doubt I'll have any Christmas bears ready much before December. C'est la vie, as they say!

Work in progress - a shop exclusive Tiddler

Between shop exclusives, I have at least been hunting for Christmas bear fabrics and received a parcel with some 'herb green' and cream alpaca a couple of days ago, which has sewn a seed of inspiration for a holly panda bear, which may be the first bear I work on for Santa's Sack this year.  I also really want to make a lovely large festive laughing bear in the style of dear old 'Jolly' below, as he was my Dad's favourite ...


So, I'm hoping to finish work on my remaining shop exclusives by the middle of next week and then I plan to play fun Christmas tunes, hunt out jingle bells and glittery ribbon and introduce the festive season to my workroom at last!

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  1. I love your happy laughing bear. I think another one should be on the list. Hope you can work to schedule.


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