Monday, 8 October 2012

Girly Gathering!

I was invited to my niece's 'Baby Shower' party on Saturday, but as Baby Showers are quite new to the UK, I don't mind telling you I wasn't really sure what to expect - all the same, an invitation to a girlie afternoon with cake on the menu, sounded just fine to me!  

My lovely niece is expecting her first baby in a few weeks' time, so an afternoon of games, chat and gifts was a really fun way for all her special female folk to gather together to offer support and friendship and remind her how important she is to us all, before baby arrives to steal her limelight.

We designed a washing line full of baby bibs ...

Pondered over who was who in old baby photos (mine was easy for everyone to guess as I was far too old for colour photography!)

We played 'pin the dummy on the baby' ...

And gave carefully chosen gifts to help Leah prepare for the arrival of her precious little one ...

And of course, in the time honoured tradition of girly gatherings, we indulged ourselves with a table of tasty tidbits!

Somewhere under those pink and blue chocolate buttons, edible glitter and tiny pink and blue tootsies above, was one of Hannah's magnificent chocolate cakes!

After the pleasure of having received so many hand made cards on our wedding day, I opted to try my hand at creating a card for Leah's Baby Shower ... it's a long way from perfect I know, but it was made and presented to my very special niece with much love from her Auntie Paula ... a.k.a Great Auntie Paula in-waiting!

Wishing you a peaceful few weeks ahead Leah and so looking forward to the arrival of our tiniest family member!

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  1. What a lovely baby shower. I love your card so much. Wait patiently for good news.


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