Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The 'Normous Nineties!

Back in the 'Normous Nineties, a magnificent decade of significant statement bears, this bearmaker was truly excited by the possibility of creating bears big enough for proper hugs; so she worked hard designing 'Big 'Uns' - bears big enough to stand out in any crowd! 

27" 'Glisten' - 1995

27" 'Timeless' - 1996

27" 'Only' - 1997

32" 'Himself' - 1998

The nineties was definitely a bear-crafting decade for celebration!  Back then there were no cries of 'I don't have room for big bears', instead collectors relished their bold proportions and more often than not, bigger really was better!

26" Black Magic - 2006

I still absolutely adore big bears, but like so many other big bear makers, have had to gradually scale down sizes to accommodate collectors' needs over the years. In fact, from memory, I think the largest bear I made during the past decade, was 'Black Magic' and he was a mere 26"!

8" 'Titch' - 2011

And last week, something I never imagined could happen, did actually happen ... I found myself sewing a little 8" bear!

23" Nat - my largest bear so far in 2011

The magnificent big guys of the nineties will always be dear to my heart and there's no way I'll ever completely let them go - after all, once a big bear maker, always a big bear maker!  But it is fun to try new things and of course, unless you are lucky enough to own a mansion, collecting space in homes does fill up pretty fast, so I guess a few little 'uns, mixed in with slightly less enormous 'Big 'Uns', will hopefully be a positive step forward for this bearmaker in 2011!


  1. I love your big bears especially 'Himself' !!

  2. Your big bears are beautiful but Titch is absolutely adorable. Regards


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