Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A good talking to ...

It's unusual for me to have unadopted bears on shelves in my workroom, but at the moment I have three lonely souls, waiting patiently for their special someone. Naturally I can't help but wonder what is wrong with my work ... it's silly I know, but I'm sure most creative types suffer along similar lines of self-doubt.  We're only human after all.


Like everyone else, I listen to daily news bulletins full of economic doom and gloom and for a brief moment commonsense rationalises my thoughts, but then that nasty little devil of self-doubt perches on my shoulder slyly whispering in my ear, 'three bears Paula, that's not like you ... you must be doing something wrong!'

Well little 'Devil of self-doubt', I think it's time to tell you to hop off my shoulder and find something more constructive to do with your time.  With two major awards under my belt in 2011, two forthcoming magazine profiles and every bear bar three sold this year, perhaps those news bulletins are telling the truth, maybe our financial times really have become tougher ... and in that case, maybe my hard-earned bear crafting skills didn't vanish overnight!


Let's hope the economic climate warms up soon ... after all, our bears may be a luxury, but they certainly aren't an unnecessary one!

If you are interested in adopting any of the bears shown above, please pop over to my website for their full details:

Thank you!

16th May Update: I'm delighted to say both Bramwell and Boswell have found lovely new owners in the past week!  Henrietta is currently still available to purchase.


  1. Good for you for kicking that nasty little devil off of your shoulder and out of town!! Your beautiful, classic bears will ALWAYS be desired by collectors--it's just the downturn in our economy that's the problem.


  2. Sales are slow at this time. It has nothing to do with your AMAZING work.
    You have a gift that is a true treasure.
    I look at this time as a chance to advertise my work and to learn and experiment on new things. It is a great opportunity. So create and show and teach us more about what you do.
    Sometimes bears need to rest and recoup too.
    I love your work! You are truly AMAZING!

  3. Paula, I can tell you for sure and certain that you haven't lost your knack for creating stunning bears. I love them! My very favorite is Boswell; I would very happily receive him at my home with many cuddles. I wish I had bear-collecting funds at this time!

    I have had four little bears keeping me company in my studio this year, and of course it has made me wonder if they were not quite to others' liking...but then I realize that the economy does have something to do with it, as other artisans are experiencing the same. So hugs to you and to Boswell (my fave)! I'm hoping the world comes out of its funk soon!

  4. I think having times of self doubt is something all crafters suffer from at times Paula but looking from the outside there is no doubt whatsoever...your work is absolutely beautiful!....
    Susan x

  5. Paula, you haven't lost your touch. They are 3 beautiful bears. It is just that their new mum is not found yet, but will be soon. I love your bears.

  6. I'm 110% certain having three bears not sold is NOTHING to do with your work. Your bears are gorgeous and if I could afford them, at least one would have found his way here to South Africa.

    I think its just the economic downturn still affecting us all and even here in SA its taking its toll.

    Coraleen X

  7. Oh there is absolutely nothing wrong with your work! If I had the money, Boswell would be mine but alas I'm at the point where I need to sell things to be able to buy things IYKWIM, certainly with luxury items.


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