Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Feisty, fun and ... fabulous!

This day, twenty eight years ago, was a momentous day for me because my first child, my beautiful little girl, entered the world.  I can hardly believe how quickly the years have flown past, but time as they say, waits for no man ... or woman for that matter! 

My precious new baby girl - 1983

Being a mum is what my life has truly been all about, from the moment I held my little girl in my arms.  Today that tiny bundle celebrates her 28th birthday and has become a feisty, fun, messy, most beautiful girl.  I'm going to embarrass her publically today, by thanking her for all the love and joy she has brought and continues to bring, to my life. 


Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Fay,
With all my love to you always,
Mum xxx


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Fay. The very best days of my life were the days I first held my babies but there was something extra special with the first.

  2. Wonderful pictures Paula - a very happy birthday Fay - you sound like a fab daughter who has a fab Mum! xx

  3. What a beautiful girl!!! Happy birthday Fay ))) And greetings to you

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter and you!

    My daughter was born in the same year!


  5. beautiful girl, congratulations and happy birthday to your daugther Fay!


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