Saturday, 19 February 2011

Finishing touches ...

Here I am again, with only a week until my first major show of 2011.  I'm aiming to have nine bears completed for the big day and am busy putting the finishing touches to bear number six today.  Would you like a quick peek?

Here she is!  I've been working on her authentic vintage colouring this morning and I'm happy to say, she's coming along beautifully!

Much as I love bare bears, I think it's especially important to get the finishing details just right for show day ... after all, they need to be 'dressed to impress' to meet their public!  I finished my knitting above a few days ago and it has become a smart little teddy bear jacket, complete with vintage button ...

And for a bigger bear, I used the same red wool teamed with green, to make a stripey scarf ...

But I'm not one for frills and flounces and I'm certainly no dressmaker, preferring understated accessories, like this lace collar tied with prim style rusty bells ...

In fact, I love bears simply dressed in plain bell collars, or with nice round bells tied around their necks ...

So, I hear you ask, who is the sixth bear and how has he been finished?  Well, a bearmaker has to keep a few things up her sleeve doesn't she?! Sorry, but you'll have to wait and see!


  1. Aww, looking forward to meeting them all next weekend :o)

  2. Lots of love and very best wishes for the day. :-) x x x

  3. What special photos - thanks for sharing Paula, its made me want to start to create my collection for the September show! I cant wait to meet you and your bears! Hugs Helen


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