Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Perfect places

Now and again it doesn't hurt to stop the world and reminisce for a moment or two, does it?  Perfect times, in perfect places, here are a few of mine ...

Polperro, Cornwall
I have spent many wonderful holidays in this enchanting fishing village

Pagham, Sussex
Memories of a special holiday with Stuart and his grandson

Old Pollensa Town, Majorca
Our wonderful holiday in the Spanish sunshine

Mote Park Lake, Maidstone
More than thirty years of walks, beautiful in all seasons

Clovelly, Devon
Wonderful memories of this unique fishing village

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia
Our fabulous Greek holiday this year

Boscastle, Cornwall
Happy family times - usually in the rain! 
Visits to my favourite pottery

Teston Bridge, Maidstone
Quintessentially English, a lovely stroll

The River Medway, Maidstone
An integral part of my family life in Maidstone across three decades

Watersmeet, Devon
Beautiful scenery, walking with Stuart in Devon

Knowle Park, Sevenoaks
A stunning Autumn walk

Port Isaac, Cornwall
Visiting Doc Martin, laughing in the rain!

Polperro to Talland Bay cliff walk
So many walks, over so many years ... always breathtaking

War Memorial, Talland Bay, Cornwall
The most perfect spot for a memorial

Talland Bay, Cornwall
Rock pooling with my kids, cliff walking with Stuart

River Avon, Stratford Upon Avon
Watching the world sail by on a perfect summer's evening 

Mousehole, Cornwall
Happy holidays in pretty South West Cornwall

Heddon Valley, Devon
A stunning cliff walk with Stuart on a clear day and yes, we could see forever ...


  1. Those are amazing places, especially that view from Myrtos Beach!!!

    Definitely worth revisiting!! Thank you for letting us visit too!

  2. Thanks Paula for sharing your wonderful memories - these are fabulous places - wish they were a bit closer for us!

    Hugs (from Down Under)
    Marg xoxox

  3. Snap!!
    We have done & still do some of those. Polperro being a favourite which we have done for many years & made some wonderful friends,the walk too talland we have done many many times & love. Boscastle visited many times & mousehole (great tearoom there) & lovely lovely port isaac!! Cornwall is a passion for me & we will be going again soon. Happy memories hey?!!

  4. Very beautiful place! Thanks for the photos! Very pleased!

  5. Seems you are fond of Devon.
    Talland bay costal walk... well, I had to sit on the steps... it always rains for us at Boscastle too. You are not alone :-) x x x

  6. What a lovely collection of photos. The river at Maidstone is a view I'm familiar with from umpiring at the junior regatta there a number of times

  7. Why are there so many wonderfulplaces to walk in England and not enough hours to do it all in? I'm meant to be working on a bear order and now you've inspired me to get my walking boots on and get outside. Seriously, have you been to Mousehole at Christmas? The town and several surrounding villages light the streets with pretty lights and decorations, all very tasteful and christmasy - enough to make you tingle.
    Happy walking - I really must get those boots on, the bears will have to wait.

  8. Oooh Elizabeth, that's Christmas stay in Mousehole has been on my wish list since I first visited more than twenty years ago! One day!!!!

    Hey Katy, fancy that! I've lived in Maidstone for over thirty years, so the river has been a part of my life for a very long time. I love walking along the river to and from Allington and I especially love the view across to the Archbishop's Palace ... must take a pic!

    Heidi, you too?! How lovely! I'm just the same, I'm sure Cornwall finds its way into your blood from the very first time you visit. I went to beautiful Kefalonia this year and loved it, but missed Cornwall and can't wait to go back nonetheless!

    Soggibottom, I have often wondered if it only ever rains in Boscastle when we visit! Lol! I love Boscastle and was so pleased to see it had recovered from the storm devastation when I visited last time. It was sad to see the Pixie Shop had been lost though ... but on the positive side, thank goodness Roger Irving's pottery wasn't affected - I love his shop and have collected his pottery for over twenty years. Oh and that cliff walk to Talland ... phew! It's great for keeping fit eh?!

    Marg and Allabear, I'm so pleased you enjoyed the pics from overseas ... we have beautiful scenery in England and it is a pleasure to be able to share it with you.


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