Monday, 16 August 2010

All things advertising

It occurred to me this morning, if I want to have promotional postcards available for the Teddies 2010 show on September 12th I'd jolly well better organise myself and design some!  So, with a cup of coffee to hand and specs perched on my nose, I've twiddled and tweaked in Photoshop and this is what I've come up with ...

My new promotional postcard for 'Teddies 2010' show

Ad copy for the 2011 'Teddy Bear Annual'

While we're on the subject of advertising and promotion, I recently designed the above ad for the 2011 edition of the 'Teddy Bear Annual' which is now on sale. I used a very similar advertisement for 'The UK Teddy Bear Guide 2010' too, but had that one printed in black and white as colour ads can be pretty costly and we teddy bear artists have to keep a careful eye on our advertising budgets!

If you would like to purchase a copy of the 'Teddy Bear Annual' please visit:

And 'The UK Teddy Bear Guide 2010' can be purchased from:


  1. They are lovely - wish I was as clever. Can you do a tutorial on Photoshop for all of us who aren't so clever? or is there an idiot guide out there somewhere?

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm not very clever with Photoshop, I just add text boxes to the photos I take and moreorless fiddle around until they are where I want them! Oh, I also use the 'bevel and emboss' and 'drop shadow' tool to make the text more 3D and change the colours ... that's about it!

  3. HI Paula:

    I am wondering why you and so many other bear artist choose to do postcards and not just business cards? Are there collectors of postcards or is it to show your work on a larger scale? Could you share with me why you chose this medium? Thanks so much and congratulations on the URSA ... we shall soon know all the results! So exciting!

    Michele Seraphim


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