Monday, 22 February 2010

Bears with a tale to tell ...

I have just one more working week to finish my show bears!  As always, the time is flying by so quickly I'm wondering if I'll ever be ready ...

19" 'Blyton' will debut at the Winter Bearfest show next Sunday.

Last week I managed to finish two more lovely bears for the show, 'Blyton' is a truly scruffy careworn ol' bear, completely mischievous and adventurous, rather like one of the characters in his namesake's 'Famous Five' books!  How I used to love those books when I was a young girl! 

19" Kipling will be there too!

His pal 'Kipling' is a gorgeous slumpy bear and the two of them together look absolutely adorable sat telling tales on the back of my sofa at the moment - I will miss them when they find new homes!

If you would like to meet the bears in person, please come along to the show on Sunday ... we'll be on Stand 63 in Hall 2 at Kensington Town Hall in London SW8.  Doors open at 10.30am!


  1. Paula, they are adorable!!! Your whole collection of Careworn Bears is just fabulous. You certainly have taken all of those wonderful techniques to make vintage-styled bears, made them your own, and run with it! FABULOUS!! Good luck on your last week before Hugglets--I know you'll do well!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. They are really special Paula, I love their well loved look. I hope to visit Hugglets for the first time, good luck, I'm sure your Bears will find wonderful homes. Hugs, Catherine xx

  3. I shall be there,i cant wait!!
    P.S the bears are lovely. x

  4. blyton and kipling are really lovely!

  5. I stopped on your blog, and I think your work is amazing.
    I really like your teddy bears, they have magic and illusion.


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