Thursday, 22 October 2009


I was so sad to hear of Sindie's passing. An old friend from way back, I knew Sindie Smith as a girl who could light a room with her laughter, creativity and enthusiasm. Sindie's battle with breast cancer ended last Thursday and at just thirty nine years old, there seems no rhyme or reason ...

I hope Sindie will forgive me for this old photograph taken in the good old days! Sindie Smith and her lovely 'And Finally Bears by Sindie Smith'.

If you knew Sindie and would like to offer a donation to 'The Cavendish Centre' in her memory, (a registered charity which offered much needed support to Sindie, Gary and their two daughters during her illness) please visit the following link. Thank you.

Sindie's husband Gary manning their 'And Finally Bears by Sindie Smith' stand at the Rochester Bear Fair in 2000.

And finally, I'd like to say my goodbye to Sindie by sharing her thoughts on the well documented ailment ...


In Sindie's own words ...

"My research has a long way to go, however I have discovered some very interesting facts:

1. If you hold your food higher than your mouth, all the calories jump out before you can consume them.

2. Long, thin foods i.e. chocolate fingers, sausages, Kitkat, Niknak crisps, spaghetti Bolognese etc maintain their form when consumed so you will become long and thin too.

3. Ring doughnuts, coconut ring biscuits and bagels have low fat centres so are okay to eat.

4. Anything with lots of air in it is also low fat i.e. Aero, chocolate mousse, Wispa etc .

5. Avoid anything round (see no.2) such as apples, tomatoes, ricecakes, grapefruit, pickled onions etc."

Sleep tight Sindie. You won't be forgotten and whenever we think of you, we'll always hear your laughter.


  1. Oh how sad Paula. For some reason I didn't know of Sindie but her bears looked fabulous

  2. Her funeral today was full of tears, but smiles too, She had a coffin that was blue with daffodils painted on the had to smile.!
    The order of service had her bears too.
    It was a good service.

  3. Oh Anji, I had to smile when I read your comment, how perfect for Sindie!

    Jean, Sindie made her bears about ten years ago and was very well known back then ... she was such a lovely lady.

  4. Thank you for that beautiful tribute to Sindie. She will be greatly missed.

    Sindie's Aunt and friend.

  5. your tribute to our wonderful Sindie was exactly as she was. Sincere, funny and full of love. She was my pal as well as my niece. Thank you so much.

    Sindie's Aunty Leeta

  6. I also have to thank you for that wonderful tribute to a funny courageous and oh so loveable niece'
    Sindie's Auntie Tina

  7. Oh ladies, there's no need for thanks ... I couldn't let Sindie leave without a goodbye. Warmest hugs to you all x


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