Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Happily Ever After!

Every fairytale needs a happy ending, don't you think?

Morris was the last bear to find his special someone before I hauled up the 'Gathering Bears in May' webshow drawbridge on Sunday night. As he sat patiently by the computer screen, hopeful that the 'you've got mail' lady might announce a late email delivery, Morris had his paws firmly crossed; after all, no bear likes to be left all alone on the shelf on show day, do they?!

Morris 'Cinderfella'

Luckily for little Morris, his VIP (very special person) happened to be climbing onto a white charger, preparing to scoop Morris up before the clock struck midnight! I'm happy to be able to tell you Morris, his VIP and big pal Horatio (yes, Morris will be facing his big brave move outside the UK safe in the knowledge he won't be alone!) will soon be together and so the tale of 'Morris Cinderfella' ends ...

... and they all lived Happily Ever After!


  1. I do hope his journey is successfu and uneventful and I hope you don't miss him too much. He is simply adorable - as are the rest of his friends.

  2. Oh I'm so pleased for little Morris!

  3. I loved all the bears and I am so glad that they have all found loving homes to go to.

  4. I am so glad that Morris was not left alone and will travel with his big buddie :) I do love a happy ending.
    Hugs Catherine x

  5. Many, many congratulations on your wonderful webshow and the outcome!!! I always admire your work ethos and the way you firmly grab hold of your mojo before it runs off. I am ever so pleased all the bears found new homes and that you did so well. The bears look amazing and you have outdone yourself once again. Can I be curious and ask which bear you like best yourself? Hugs, Ellen xoxo


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