Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gathering Bears in May!

There are occasionally times when my mojo slips anchor, leaving me in a bear maker's funk. Perhaps I should explain - a funk is a creative lethargy, a period of time when a bear maker's energies are significantly sapped, rendering bear production almost impossible. Battery operated mojo's are often unreliable helpers due to a hunger for constant stimulation. However, when their creative bellies are purring contentedly with food for thought, they make perfect bearmaker's assistants ably providing inspiration for fabulous artist bears, but when their batteries run down, it's a well known fact among bear makers that mojos never give their owners notice, preferring instead to sneak out unpredictably to who knows where, while they recharge.
Once AWOL, I've noticed a mojo will do almost anything to avoid returning to the workroom, leaving the unfortunate bear artist destined to stare into fruitless space, pondering the imminent prospect of shelf stacking in local supermarkets. Over the years, I have come to realise the best way to lure a mojo back to work, is to promise a reward for good behaviour. You see the little known thing about mojos is, they have egos ... oh yes, there's no doubt about it, mojos crave attention!
So, in view of my recent funk, I have cajoled, blackmailed and promised my mojo faithfully, if it makes an immediate return to work for me, there will be a handsome reward! I will showcase its talents this very month! There will be no more mojo neglect from this ungrateful bear artist. We have agreed to combine efforts, work in harmony and yes, beat the bearmaker's funk! I am delighted to announce that in view of our reinstated collaboration, my mojo and I would like to invite you to join us in a spring celebration of our combined talents ...

Gathering Bears in May', the first ALL BEAR mini webshow, will be held online at www.allbear.co.uk on the weekend of 23rd/24th May - I hope you will be able to join me and my mojo to celebrate our late 'Spring crop' of artist bears!


  1. Oh my....you can beat a mojo's unwillingness fast! My mojo has left me completely and unlike yours, mine won't be persuaded by nice promises and rewards. I have tried it all, but nothing has worked so far. That's why I decided that I will just temporarily try my hand at all kinds of other creative endeavours. I am at least enjoying myself again, which has been a while. I hope you will be enjoying yourself as well in the process of making bears Paula. I am impressed by the way you can find way to cooperate with your mojo, even when it seems to be missing. And yes....it kind of sneaks up on you, doesn't it? Mojo's are sneaky things and mine must have an enormous ego, because it seems to have a life of its own now that it has stepped outside its rightful owner...Whoever finds my missing mojo (I suspect it has run away from home, to be honest :) ), please send it back to me and tell it I will eat cake from now on if that is what he/she/it wants!
    Many hugs and wishing you loads of inspiration! Ellen

  2. Paula I am so glad to hear that your Mojo has returned! It's no fun when Mojo decides to run and hide. I'm looking forward to your mini webshow this weekend!

    Bear hugz,
    Laura Lynn

  3. I knew you ladies would understand! Thank you so much for your support x (Insert big hug here!)


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