Monday, 6 April 2009

Getting down and dirty ...

Raggy number 2, a simple pancake cloth doll, turned out a little less than cutie pie, but you know me, I can't resist trying another technique in my mission to learn how to make these little dollies look primitive, so this lass, who started life as clean fresh calico, jumped in a bowl of coffee grouts, paddled around a bit and was then baked in the oven on a low heat for a while, poor thing!

13" 'Grubby Gerta'

The heat from the oven really draws the coffee colour to the surface of the fabric and makes it very grungy indeed ... even more so than I anticipated! 'Grubby Gerta' has on her Sunday best now she's all finished ... it's a little tatty these days, but Gerta takes a pride in her laundry, if not in her personal hygiene, so her frock at least, is pristine clean!

Nekkid after her coffee grout paddle!


  1. She is so cute!
    Love her espression-she's like me in the morning before my coffee!!!

  2. She's me in the morning too! I love the idea of her 'paddling', I can just see her doing it! I'd have found it hard putting her in the oven though ;)

    Hugs, Sarah x

  3. I just love grubby Gerta....she is so cute.
    Will you be selling these raggy dolls?

  4. Love your new raggies Paula! I'm still in the thinking mode but I suppose I should pull my finger out and make one of them come to life. I've bought a few more but that is the easy part:o)) I think I would look like that after being put in the oven, poor Grubby Gerta!

    Hugs Lyn x

  5. Ваши куклы прекрасны! Спасибо большое за полученное удовольствие!

  6. oh my what she has been through to become such a dear! Love her wee outfit and that hair is great :) Hugs, Catherine x

  7. Thanks everyone! It's good to hear you are enjoying these little dollies ... I'm having such fun with them!

    Laurie, I think eventually, when I have a handful of raggies, I may pop them onto Etsy and see if I can find homes for them ... then I can justify making a few more!

  8. Paula I just love seeing all the dolls you've been making! What a great way to spend a weekend :)


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