Saturday, 4 April 2009

Getting crafty!

I don't know what it is about these raggy dolls, but they are keeping me very entertained! I sat in my armchair tying yarn into little bundles late last night, just so my little 'Annie Apples' could have her hair done before I went to bed! She's the first finished of the four raggy dolls I cut out last weekend and I will quietly admit to being absolutely thrilled with her. She might be only 12 inches in height, but she certainly packs in a whole heap of character!

12" 'Annie Apples'
A 'Sweet Meadows Farm' pattern,
interpreted and handmade by little 'ol me!
Oh dear, now it's 'Paula's Confession Time': Yes, despite strong resolve to be good, this little fellow looked so lonesome on Ebay, I simply had to invite him home. 'Tatty' is a dear little chap (and I do mean LITTLE at just 5"!) made by lovely Laurie Wicks, who first introduced herself to me when she bought one of my bears for her collection and who I have subsequently come to know a little better through the bears shows we both attend and enjoy a good 'ol natter at!

5" 'Tatty' created by Laurie Wicks - nestling among a few of my perfume bottles

How on earth Laurie manages to fit in bearmaking with six children, horses, cats, dogs and heaven only knows what other animals to look after, I'll never know, but fit it in she does and her gorgeous little minis are especially cute! If you would like to see more of Laurie's work, please pop along to and tell her I sent you!

It's a beautiful Spring afternoon here in Kent today - the house is quiet (son playing footy, other half out watching footy - it must be an age thing (!) and daughter napping upstairs after a night out on the tiles) so, all in all, I can see absolutely no reason for me not to indulge myself in a little more raggy dollcraft ... it is Saturday after all! Hey, don't worry, I'll get back to the bears on Monday!


  1. You are a dab hand at these raggy dolls Paula! Your seamstress skills are coming out with the dear little dresses. A real cutie pie!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. I think it's good to take a break from a constant... throw in a curve ball or two.... change is as good as a rest they say.

    your little gal is very cute....

  3. Annie Apple is very cute and Tatty is really a dear little chap.

  4. I am so glad that you love Tatty.I do like to make older style bears as they are such fun.
    I love your latest rag doll and am so tempted to have a go but I have other things to do first which include some drawing which got left when bear making took over!!

  5. The raggedy doll is just stunningly cute! I can see why you'd be enchanted with them.

  6. Gorgeous Annie Paula, she has a lovely cute face, I have had one on the go for about 9 months now and stuffed her in a bag when it came to face time!! Love little tatty he looks quite at home there.


  7. Both Tatty and Annie Apples are just lovely,


  8. Hi Paula! How I love your doll! What a face!!! You did a great job on her and I can not wait to see what your next ones will look like.
    Your new teeny bear is amazing and I can not blame you for adopting him. He has such character and if there is one reason for not sticking to being good...he certainly is that reason :) Hugs, Ellen

  9. Paula, you have a real talent for the rag dolls. I am simply in love with Annie Apples. Here face is so adorable , oh and those eyes !!!



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