Monday, 16 February 2009

Postition vacant: Elves required!

Oh my goodness, is it really only six days until the 'Winter Bearfest'?! The past few weeks have flown by, forcing me to take stock and type a VSP (very short post!) to let you know that this week is of necessity, a 'works-in-progress' week. Somehow this little lot ....

Works in progress!

... must metamorphosize from a pile of pieces into four fabulous show bears before the weekend catches me out! So, if anyone has a spare team of elves at their disposal, could you please point them in the direction of my workroom!


  1. Yikes Paula, 4 bears in 6 days - if anyone can do this you can :) If I bump into any elves I'll send them your way! Good Luck :) Hugs, Catherine xx

  2. Good luck Paula, if I lived near I would bob round, I am small enough to pass for an elf!! I am sure you will finish them.


  3. Lovely colours, Paula!
    I'd need some elves, too!... Well, even a single elf would be OK ;))
    Monica x.

  4. Oh, Paula! As I understand you! I also have to sew a lot of bears to the fair in April, but now I have only one bear:( But I think we can find our elves! Wish you and your elves good luck to those 6 days!!!

  5. Good luck Paula! Hope to see you on Sunday!

  6. Pauline, what a lovely offer! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can all share elves when deadlines were pressing! LOL!


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