Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Holding my breath.

I've come to the conclusion the best way for me to learn how to use my camera more effectively, is to press buttons randomly until I achieve a picture I'm happy with - there's no point sitting me down with a booklet, I simply don't seem able to process information that way ... maybe it's my age (or dare I say it, a girl thing?!) Tina has given me some great pointers along the way, but even those snippets of valuable professional advice somehow manage to slip my grasp when she's not by my side to keep me focused!

Not sure if my ambient light is too yellow or not ... looks warm and cosy though!

This morning after breakfast, I decided to indulge myself in a quiet ten minutes while the house was quiet, to play with my favourite toy. This time of year is great for indoor photography and I thought my frosty Christmas tree baubles might make a good subject ... well, a girl needs pretty things to focus on eh?

I'm quite pleased with this one - nice blurry background, baubles in focus!

Definitely should have used a tripod ...

This one's in better focus ... I love the bubble shaped reflection!

Anyway, this is what I've put together thus far - I don't doubt there are a zillion more things I need to learn to improve my photography, but so far so good - at least I've progressed from the series of blackout pictures I began with! One thing I did learn, I can't hold my breath long enough to keep the camera steady on a slow shutter speed, so whether I like it or not, I'll have to drag down the loft ladder and hunt out my little tripod before I play again!

I found a monochrome setting on my camera, so naturally, I had to press the button! Haven't a clue what this should look like in technical terms - although I do think the fir tree should probably be in focus in front of the bauble - that said, I like the fact the camera caught the delicate frosting on my glass bauble so well! Isn't black and white photography romantic!


  1. Loove spending time this way, too! And maybe YES, you'd have to use a tripod!!
    Have fun!(And THANK YOU for your enthusiastic comment!).

    Monica x.

  2. Paula you are doing wonderfully!! My favorite two have got to be the first and the last. If it's any consolation, I cannot be still enough for non flash photography. If I don't have a tripod I try to find something to brace myself against.

  3. I like the first and last too!! I'm doing the same thing...playing with my new camera a purchases several months ago. I stink...I just don't seem to have the knack. I guess it's more pushing buttons for me. LOL

    Great job...gives me motivation to keep trying.


  4. I'm pleased someone else holds their breath to try to get non-blurry photos! I get so frustrated with myself and my camera. If only we could point and click and see what our eyes see!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  5. I see your reflection of you in your nightie in the big red ball....hahahhaha just kidding......but, that's what happened to me on several of mine...

    yep...get a tripod...or move a high backed chair over to the tree... or a small ladder... all to lean an elbow on ... it works.

    I use flash off a lot...so the flash doesn't wash out my colours.. even in dim light they look pretty good.
    love the monochrome..it even makes the shiny bits show....

  6. just wanted to add...no...the bauble is perfect being the article that is in perfect focus...with the branch in the foreground slight bit blurry...it's perfect..!

  7. Paula,
    I really love photography and have learned a lot from my sister, who teaches it. I love b & w pics or monochrome - they are absolutely my faves. Something wrong with me, I guess, cuz I'm really not fond of colour. I LOVE the monochrome pic, but the second one is very well done. Focus is where it should be.
    I've asked for a mini travel tripod for Xmas - something I can carry with me. The other thing I like about my camera is the Burst feature - once you activate it, it takes 3 pics in rapid succession - absolutely fabulous when taking pics of small children who can't sit still. It saved the pictures of Disneyworld for me.
    I managed to make Ibooks from our Disney books, as gifts for Xmas and it's going to be my favourite part, when everyone opens them. It was the most fun thing I have ever done. Just keep practicing and with the editing programs out there, you can have perfect pics in no time.



  8. Learning to use the camera without flash is fun. I still have a way to go with understanding what I'm doing as I'm mainly working on instinct, but it seems to be coming together, slowly but surely. I think it may also be useful for indoor shots of my bears too ... the flash is way too harsh for them.

    Thank you all for your comments about my pics ... my favourite is the monochrome photograph, I think I'll be playing with that again in future. It has such romance!

  9. I enjoyed your baubles photos Paula. Also liked your Christmas tree photos previously. - Dave


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