Saturday, 15 November 2008

Here we go!

Way hey! The Ho Ho show has started! We're up and running!

'Figgy Pud' was first to sell!

I'm writing this post in my robe and slippers, all scrubbed and ready for bed because it's way past my usual bedtime, but I can't give in to tiredness yet, after all this truly is a global show and I need to be on hand to chat! Whilst the Sandman is currently competing with my caffeine intake here in the UK, those good folks 'Downunder' are only just begin to raise a bleary eyelid after a good night's kip!

Pretty Ruby is still hopeful ...

... and so is 20" Izzy Wizzy, my tribute to Sooty!

Two of my show bears sold in the first few moments of opening and sadly, I have already had to disappoint a couple of collectors who would have liked to own those very same bears, but were just a wee bit late off the starting blocks ... I guess that's just the way some shows go.

24" Jolly is taking it all in his stride with a cheeky chuckle!

Anyway, it dawned on me just now that I haven't yet revealed my show bears to you here in Blog Land and since the show is now underway, it's about time I did!

And 22" 'Oakley' is preparing to fly to the US next week!

Well, as you see, at the time of writing (it's almost the witching hour here in the UK!) three of my bears are still hopeful they will find kind new owners either later tonight, or tomorrow (Sunday) when the show reopens. I'll let you know how they get on.

In the meantime, if you would like to visit the show for yourself and see all the wonderful artist bears created for the Ho Ho Oh Bearz online show, why not pop over to to join in the fun!


  1. I love to see your little guys. They look great Paula. You photograph them well too, heads on one side - human-like. - Dave

  2. Paula, your bears are just beyond gorgeous - so perfect in every way. And I agree that your photographs are beautifully done. Is there ANY chance of a bit longer layaway? Take care, Diane

  3. Great to see your show bears Paula, just gorgeous and glad to see some have found their new homes already :) hugs, Catherine x

  4. I loved the bears at the show Paula and I love Figgy Pud...! he is great!No wonder he found a new home quickly! Hugs, Ellen

  5. Oh Paula... they are all simply stunning. My first instinct when I see your cuties is that I just wanna pick them up and HUG them!

  6. Such lovely comments, thank you! I loved making these bears for the show and I'm so pleased you have all enjoyed seeing them. I have good news too ... all the bears have now been sold! Yay!


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