Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Autumnal updates and auction headaches!

Summer has now slipped quietly away to make way for rich golden leaves and a sharp nip in the morning air, so inspired yesterday, I decided to give my website an autumnal makeover - nothing dramatic, just a few background and text colour changes to warm it up, a quick gallery update and the addition of a cute slideshow of some of my 'big boy bears', past and present; I would like to change the front page design sometime soon, but that will take more time and maybe some help from my sister, so will have to wait for now. If you would like to take a peek at the changes, please pop over to My next autumnal update will involve a trip to the cosmetics counter in town, yes, my make-up bag could do with a makeover too!

Peony' live on Ebay now!

I also decided to take the plunge this week and list one of my three remaining show bears on Ebay but boy, has that become confusing to use of late! I don't list on Ebay very often, it's fun now and again but I must admit, I prefer to work with my website instead. Despite that, I knuckled down to create a simple listing on for 'Peony', my pretty pink and cream panda girl. However, since doing so, I have now discovered the listing doesn't show up on (and presumably on any other Ebay sites outside the US) unless a specific 'Paula Carter' search is put in ... how frustrating is that?! Working out the shipping was confusing too - was Peony being sent 'inland' or 'overseas'? How could such a simple question be so complicated?! All the inland shipping costs stated were for within the USA, but of course Peony is waiting patiently in the UK, so now her shipping costs look higher than the normal inland charges, but they really aren't because she will have to be sent airmail to the US, which wasn't provided for in the Ebay shipping section! All pretty headache making! Ah well, what will be, will be! If you would like to check out Peony's auction page, hopefully this ridiculously long link will transport you there:

Update: 27/09/08 Peony has now found her special someone and will be moving to the US!

Would you believe a guy from Ebay telephoned me years ago inviting me to use their service when they went live for the first time, telling me my work would be made very welcome on their site? Believe me, I didn't feel particularly welcome yesterday as I battled boggle-eyed, through the settings to make my auction listing with them. Please keep your fingers crossed so that Peony find's her special someone very soon, despite my confusion!

Sneak peak of new charcoal grey bear's paw pads!

Don't worry, yesterday wasn't all about computer work, I also managed to cut out a big bear from a fabulous piece of Schulte mohair ... well, there's always at least one piece of mohair that cries out to be purchased at a show isn't there?! This particular piece is a stunning charcoal grey, with beautiful frosted tips and it is ultra soft and dense, totally gorgeous! It should make a fabulous bear and as it's been a while since I made a darker coloured bear, I'm really enjoying the prospect of working on such a potentially handsome big bear! So far my bear has been cut out, pinned and trimmed and his paw pads have been airbrushed in readinness - I even squeezed in enough time to paint several pairs of twinkly glass eyes while I was cooking the tea last night too! I should have him ready by the end of this week ... (fluey cold willing, I'm feeling a bit like death on legs at the moment - yuk!) Watch this space!


  1. Paula, I admitted defeat with the postage on and now do free shipping! Even that isn't without headaches though! Aaargh!

    It's all so complicated now that it stresses me out a bit. When it comes time to click 'submit listing', I feel like I am pushing the plunger for an explosion to go off!

    Jenny's debating whether to use ebay again in the future.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. It's certainly not a simple job any more is it?! I love your description of the 'submit listing' process Sarah!


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