Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Peony Panda and a little promotion 'Downunder'!

17" Peony Panda

Peony Panda will be coming to the Hugglets show with me on Sunday. She's 17" of rose pink and cream, girly panda bear. After a long day's work yesterday, I finally finished her just before dinner last night. I'm hoping to have at least one more show bear for the big day, maybe two, but I must admit, I'm running pretty tight for time now. By the way, if you would like to see a full preview of all my completed show bears, please pop over to www.allbear.co.uk where they are now featured.

'Australian Bear Creations' magazine

Somehow this week, I also need to find time to create some advertising copy. After receiving my first subscription issue of the 'Australian Bear Creations' magazine last week, I have taken the plunge by booking advertising space for a few forthcoming issues. The 'Bear Creations' magazine has a very pleasing appeal, reminding me in some ways of the original UK 'Teddy Bear Times' magazine. It certainly reads as though the editorial staff have a passion for teddy bear art and understand what it is they are talking about. I very much enjoyed the read and found myself thinking, 'why not advertise your bears here Paula?' Well, you know me, no sooner thunk than done! This should prove a great opportunity for introducing my bears properly 'Downunder,' so as you can probably imagine, I'm quite excited about the prospect!

If you would like to find out more about the Australian Bear Creations magazine, please visit ...



  1. What a yummy pink! Bless her! It was great to see her 'bits' in the basket then see her all complete!

    I spy knitting!

    Unable to sew my bears due to the house being upside down, due to plastering etc, I've gone on a knitting frenzy. Maybe should have been wiser to make the bears first though, before making jumpers etc for them!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. Hi Sarah! Lovely to hear from you! I wondered if anyone might spot my pink panda in the basket in the previous post ... well spotted!!!

    I know what you mean about how disruptive having the house redone can be ... I felt the same way last year when we bought our house. It's lovely now though ... it'll soon be worth the upheaval and I'm sure your bears will love the sweaters!

  3. Hey Paula

    I hope Hugglets went well for you - what a gorgeous hug of bears you had to take. oooh super excited to see that sneak peak of bear creations - I spy one of my bears on the cover!!!


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