Saturday, 27 September 2008

My Autumn Storm

After creating several smaller, colourful bears, I've been feeling the urge to get back to my big 'uns and have been itching to create a big, dramatic bear again. I love making the big bears at this time of year because there is so much seasonal inspiration to take advantage of!

My Autumn 'Storm'!

I took my time over this guy during the week because I've had so many other tasks to complete, but also because I've been feeling a wee bit under the weather, nonetheless, I got there in the end and now that I have, I am so happy with him!

22" 'Storm', available now at

The mohair is stunning, a top-end piece of Schulte with a dense charcoal grey undercoat and beautiful frosted tips. I saw it at the Hugglets show and couldn't resist bringing it home with me, knowing it would make a magnificent bear. It took me a while to decide how I would use the fabric, but eventually I decided to complement it with subtle shades of olive green; so I've hand painted his eyes green with tiny gold flecks and airbrushed his wool felt paw pads to bring him to life. I have opted for an olive grey nose thread, which I think, lifts the dark backing of the trimmed mohair muzzle beautifully. Then to finish his detailing, I selected a gorgeous piece of hand-dyed silk ribbon in shades of olive green and tied a simple, yet dramatic, bow around his neck.

Storm's pure German wool felt paw pads, subtlely shaded

I just wish I had my sister Tina handy this week to help with the photography! I've done my best, but found it a bit of a struggle to cope with the dark fabric backing and pale tipping ... I could definitely have done with some professional photographic advice for such a challenging colourway.

Profile shot

I have made Storm available direct from my website from today, as one of the last couple of website bears I'll be able to create, before I set my website work aside and start work the 'Ho Ho Oh Bearz' online show bears for November's event. I have a yen to work on some more handsome big bears right now which is probably madness in light of the depressing 'credit crunch' news featured on TV every day, but nonetheless a bear maker's gotta do, what a bear maker's gotta do eh?!

Update: 28/09/08 Storm has now sold and will be moving to the US!


  1. What a great strong profile he has ...and how I love that face....

    mmmm....I can just about feel the velvety softness of the mohair....

  2. This bear is fabulous Paula, I really love him

  3. So glad you like Storm! I love this mohair, it's beautiful! Much as I enjoy making the Half Pints, the big 'uns are definitely my thing.


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