Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A bear with a past ...

'Archibald', a bear with a past!

This is 'Archibald', all ready for the Hugglets show. He had been waiting for his finishing touches for a little while, consigned to a corner of my worktable while I completed other more pressing projects. This morning I finally made time to sew on his ears, wax his nose and hunt out some suitably 'distressed' bells.

'Archibald,' 16"

Archibald's mohair is original antique German mohair, so this is definitely a bear with a past! The mohair has a wonderful sheen and has distressed naturally over the years, creating an authentic aged-looking teddy bear. It was quite tricky to make the best use of this piece of fabric, but after placing my pattern pieces carefully, I was able to use as much as possible of it and I am very satisfied with the way this 16" bear has come together. Also, I must mention how thrilled I am to have found some vintage leather boot button eyes for him - they really do enhance his aura of authenticity! He's quite a diversion from my usual style of bears, but a pleasing one, I hope you'll agree!

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