Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tiddlywink, a pal for Domino

Earlier this year Domino's mum asked me if I would create a little friend for her favourite All Bear and so yesterday, I finished work on 'Tiddlywink', a 14" bear pal. I couldn't share this little chap with you earlier as I needed to wait and see if he would be suitable (which always a nerve wracking time for me). This morning though, I received a lovely email confirming he would be much loved and made very welcome, so here he is!

14" Tiddlywink 2008

22" Domino 2007

I didn't want to be predictable and completely replicate Domino in a smaller size, so instead I thought it would be fun to base Tiddlywink's design in a smilar style, but focus on the colours of Domino's buttons, making little Tiddlywink a dramatic black and red bear, with pale beige head. I also opted to use my special hand painted eyes in a similar shade to Domino, to reinforce the family resemblance! Tiddlywink will wear a matching collar, just like his big brother, when he travels to meet his new owner later this week. I think these two bears will look very smart together in their new home!


  1. Awesome as ever, Paula!
    You may yet persuade me of the merits of big bears yet!!!! (**grin**)
    The Stockport Procrastinator!!

  2. WOW Paula!!!! I absolutely love him! You had no need to be worried, that's for sure! If she had not adopted him - he would have been snapped up quickly.

  3. Once again we think the same! It's the only thing about commissions that makes me nervous - will the bear get approval!

    Laura is right, he would have been quickly snapped up by someone else! Bless his heart.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. P.s! Lovely garden slabs and pots. You can't beat a nice bit of terracota!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  5. he is a very handsome boy and will be a wonderful friend for Domino :) Catherine xx

  6. Thanks everyone! It's good to hear you like this little chap and Sarah, I'm so pleased you noticed my patio! It's only just been built and I'm very pleased with it - it's perfect for bear photos!


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