Thursday, 24 July 2008

Poorly Puddle

Puddle on the prowl
I'm a little distracted today I'm afraid, my poor little Puddle cat hasn't been feeling too well for a few days. She's going to visit the vet this afternoon, who I am sure will be able to work some feline magic and mend her. Puddle doesn't want to eat and so wicked Paula is having to squirt a little cat milk into her mouth using a pet syringe ... this is not endearing me to her, I'm sure! Puddle is usually a bundle of frantic furry naughtinness, but today she's floppy, disinterested and somewhat downcast.
Poor little Puddle.
Taking a cat nap
Friday 26th July - PUDDLE UPDATE:
Thanks to everyone who sent get well soon messages to my little Puddle cat! Those messages worked wonders and today Puddle is a much brighter, far hungrier kitty! After some poking and prodding, the vet declared Puddle had a nasty tummy bug requiring an antibiotic injection and kaolin medicine. I was also told to continue syringing water into her mouth to keep her hydrated. By teatime yesterday, Puddle was showing positive signs of recovery and today, I'm relieved to say, she's so much perkier! She has already been asking for food and keeps begging to be let into the garden. Needless to say, she'll be staying indoors with me all day so I can keep an eye on her and as the vet says she's not allowed to eat until tonight, she'll have to stay hungry a wee bit longer too!


  1. Paula, I'm so sorry to hear your beautiful kitty is not feeling well. I know how worrisome it can be when our four legged friends aren't up to their usual tricks. I've gathered up all the healing vibes my four leggers could muster up and I'm sending it your way. Take care Hugs Deborah

  2. Paula,
    So sorry to hear Puddle is not feeling well.
    Sending lots of hugs and i hope she is feeling better very soon

    Vicki xx

  3. Paula please let us know how Puddle does... poor sweetheart! I'm so sorry she's not feeling well.

  4. Oh, I do hope she is better soon! Wishing you well, little Puddle.
    P.S. Paula How do you take such amazing picutes of your black cat?

  5. Oh, bless her. Hope she's on the mend soon. I worry myself to bits if my furry family are ill.

    Hugs to both her and you, Sarah x

  6. Hoping Puddle is feeling better soon

    Paw hugs
    (Jackie's cat) who bears an amazing similarity to Puddle - only a good few years older!

  7. Oh, poor little Puddle. I was so sorry to read she has been feeling unwell. I hope she will soon will her ''old'' self again!
    Hugs, Ellen

  8. You are all so kind! Thank you so much for your lovely wishes ... I'm sure they helped, Puddle is much more like her old self today! The visit to the vet did the trick and today she is quite chirpy, very cuddly and eager to have something to eat ... not yet though, vet's orders are no food until teatime and then only fresh chicken - mmmn, lucky Puddle will be getting airs and graces!


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