Thursday, 29 May 2008

Loose ends

I've been feeling a little 'beared out' today, so have taken a break from teddy bear making and instead, worked in the conservatory on a few odds and ends of knitting which needing finishing up, while the rain crashed onto the glass roof (not to mention on my washing hanging outside!) This little waistcoat is all ready for its bear now. Cute buttons eh?

Yellow waistcoat for 15" bear

And I can almost share my Teddy Bear Artist Event 'Four Seasons' competition bear with you, but ... not quite! Unfortunately the rain stopped play before I could get her into the garden to take photographs (yes, there's a clue, it's a girl!) I finished detailing her this morning (claws, ribbon, shading etc) and even found time to make her a little friend this afternoon. If this dismal weather ever perks up tomorrow, hey ho, I'll try again with my camera!

Rainy 'loose ends' day in the conservatory

Time now to put the heating on (yes, I'm chilly and it's almost June for heaven's sake!) and cook the evening meal before flopping into my armchair. Weary this bear maker may be, but at least she can rest assured she has successfully completed enough bears for the show (and if she can face it, maybe there will still be time for 'just one more'!)

Hopefully, after the past hectic few weeks, I can now slow the pace for a few days to catch up with myself. If my little car passes its MOT tomorrow (oh please pass little car!) I will be bundling my bears into the boot and taking them to visit Tina for their official photo shoot one day next week ... yes, all in the line of duty of course, but also a great excuse to take a day out from my workroom and enjoy a sisterly natter and a long overdue giggle too!


  1. please...i'd like to know if you sell your teddy bears! I'm very interested in buying some!
    could you please answer me?
    my e-mail adress is:

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Marcella, thanks for stopping by. I have emailed you with details of my website mailing list today.


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