Saturday, 23 February 2008

Thanks Sis xxx

Tina hard at work, editing my photographs yesterday!
I went to visit my sister Tina yesterday. Now I know that sounds like a simple thing to do, but to understand the full import of that sentence, you would need to know I only passed my driving test three years ago, Tina lives in Hampshire, over two hours' drive and several motorways away and I have never driven that far on my own before! So, as you will now understand, this was a pretty significant challenge for me. The drive itself was fine, (if you discount the slight detour to Gatwick airport - ahem!) and by some very esteem boosting miracle, I arrived safely in time for lunch with a boot full of Winter Bearfest bears, ready for their studio session.

Winter Bearfest 2008
We spent the afternoon coaxing the bears into position and I am delighted to say, Tina has excelled herself as always, with some absolutely beautiful photographs. As a treat, I will share a couple here with you today, starting with 'Peregrine' ... (yes! I did it! I actually worked that amazing piece of antique German mohair into a lovely teddy bear in time for the show. I am so pleased with this bear, it will be hard to let him go!)
Peregrine 16"
Peregrine's vintage jet glitter buttons

Tina even succeeded in making me relax in front of her lens (a very tall order!) so now I have some super promotional pics taken with Raffles, as well as my other gorgeous bear pics and a wonderful group shot which I am looking forward to having printed on canvas to hang in pride of place on my workroom wall.

Once again I am enormously indebted to my sister. It is never easy to put into words just how grateful I am for Tina's generosity, hard work and support, so this is a totally inadquate, yet completely heartfelt ...

Thanks Sis, you're an absolute star. xxx

If you would like to find out more about Tina's work as a professional photographer, please take a moment to visit


  1. Oh wow Paula your sister is very talented. Such adorable bears and you look just stunning.
    All the best for sunday.

    Vicki xx

  2. Paula, GORGEOUS photos, your sister is a real star. I especially love Ruffles - reckon he's my favourite of yours :) Good luck at Hugglets, Catherine x

  3. Peregrine turned out just fab! Great photos too! I'm most envious!

    Big pat on the back with the driving too, you must have been walking on air with pride when you got there!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Great photos of the bear group, but hey girl you take a neat photo yourself!

    Love the photos

  5. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the photographs ... wouldn't it be wonderful to be so talented with a camera?! If only!

    Sarah, you hit the nail on the head ... I was very pleased with myself!!!!


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