Friday, 15 February 2008

Online organisation

Last year Tina, my photographer sister, introduced me to the wonders of online printing services and subsequently I produced two beautiful portfolio books for display at the shows I attend. I was so pleased with the outcome, I have now decided to create a new portfolio of work two or three times each year. This a great way for me to keep tabs on my design progress and it's also very satisfying for me to be able to take a peek at my adopted bears, back through the mists of time.

My latest portfolio arrived in the post yester,day and I'm delighted with it.
If you are able to visit the Winter Bearfest in Kensington Town Hall on the 24th February, please do spare a moment to flick through the pages of my new portfolio - I'd love you to see it!

Paula's porfolio 2007/08

As you can imagine, with a show on the horizon, I've not had much spare time to get out and about lately, but needless to say, I've still had to make purchases, so thank heavens for the internet - I rely on it heavily these days! Recently I even managed to have wallpaper samples sent to me, so that I could choose my wallpaper for the living room and then buy it online, simply because I just haven't had time time to visit any DIY stores to hunt for nice wallpaper. We haven't decorated the living room since moving into our new house a year ago, so I am really looking forward to putting our 'stamp' on it and if I want to have the living room decorated over the Easter break as Stuart has promised me, I really need to get the materials organised. After all, I don't want to give him any opportunity to delay work now that he's offered, do I?!

I think I like this one best - pretty eh?

The internet is always invaluable to me for bear making supplies and Susan at Bear Basics has been a great help in this respect; in fact she has just sent me these sample cards of the beautiful new Schulte fabrics which will debut at the show next week ... I couldn't resist putting in an early order for one of these fabulous fabrics, in the hope that I can squeeze enough time to work on 'just one more,' in time for the show. I wonder if you can you guess which I've chosen?

Susan's Schulte sample cards

And for when life quietens down, (if it ever does!) I have purchased an intriguing new book, 'Wire Knits'. I'm keen to give this unusual knitting a try, the dainty wire and bead projects look so pretty.

'Wire Knits' by Heather Kingsley-Heath

I just need to find a few more hours in every day and then with luck, maybe I'll be able to dedicate a few hours to finding out a bit more about this technique ... mind you, I think I'll have to make an appointment to see the optician too, I noticed the author of this book makes reference to health tips for close work in the closing pages and in my case, she definitely has a point!

Note to self: Stop squinting and get that optician's appointment made Paula Jean!


  1. Hi Paula ,
    This book is wonderful ,what a great idea !! I keep a photo of each of mine in an album but like your idea better ,
    Louise x

  2. Thanks for popping in Louise, it's lovely to hear from you! I'm glad you like the portfolio book ... try if you fancy giving it a try x


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