Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Rain, rain, go away ...

Talk about 'it's raining, it's pouring' ... is it ever!

I was hoping to take my 'hot off the press' 'Winter Warmer' show bear out to the garden for photographs, but there's no chance. Rain has most definitely stopped play.

This bear will just have to sit patiently by the window and wait until there's a dry
spell. The sky has darkened and the heaven's have opened, so sadly, there's no way I can take my camera out to the garden to play. In fact, it's so dark here in my lounge, I need to put the lights on.

I doubt I'll get much work done today anyway because I must make time to empty my workroom for the new carpet I'm having laid tomorrow. At last the grotty green carpet I inherited when we moved in will be gone! Hooray! With all the decorating here of late, I've decided it's time I gave my blog a lick of paint too, I do hope you find the new peachy shade inviting and cosy!

With a bit of luck I should have my workroom ship shape and Bristol fashion by tomorrow evening and will be able to reach my sewing machine again on Thursday, so that I can post a sneaky peek of my next 'Winter Warmer' show bear early next week. All I will say at this point is that all going well, the colours will be a very pretty turquoise and black ... on that note, I'll leave the rest to your imagination for the time being!

Well, I wonder what the weather is like in your neck of the woods? This what I have to contend with today, so much for my Indian summer!


  1. Yes, just the same here (Cambridgeshire)! I have just the same problem when wanting to photograph my bears. My camera seems to have thrown a hissy fit and won't take indoor photos, unless of course you want blurred ones! So yes, "Rain, rain, go away....."
    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. ooh!! I love that picture of your bear sitting in the window!! He looks so cozy - it would make a great greetings card!!!!
    Samantha xx

  3. I was just thinking the same thing... how he reminded me of a child's storybook type of image.

    We are having great sunny dry days... sorry.

    But... having said that... we only have about a month of that left now before we will probably get snow and cold....although at least we do still get brilliant sun throughout most of our winter even so. I prefer this province to the one my sister is in.. B.C. where they are now getting plenty of rain..... more rain, fog and is usually "socked in" from about now til March or April.... they will also get plenty of snow and cold there in mid winter. We will get very cold...but give me -35C with sun thank you very much.

    I took some pics outside yesterday and will post them later today... of my spirea and some great dry flower stalks in our alleyway on a neighbour's fence... I was out there kicking some leaves trying to get a pic of my own foot doing it..not much success...I need Greg to help with it. lol...

  4. Thanks for popping by everyone! It's lovely to hear from you .. brightens up my day, which given the weather, is a definite plus!

    Glad you like the bear pic Samantha .. he looks cute on the windowsill doesn't he?!

    Vee, I must pop by and see your new pics soon!


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