Friday, 19 October 2007

Peek-a-boo? Me too!

Another peek-a-boo for you ... not long to go now until the big day!

Sorry, can't stop ... there's one more bear to finish before the 3rd November (hopefully!) ...


Laura Lynn said...

Ooooohhhh he's simply beautiful!!!

Can't wait to see the "all" of them at the show!

All Bear said...

Thanks Laura! It's lovely to have positive feedback .. I hope you enjoy the show - I can't wait now!!

Shel said...

I'm hoping we get a big shot of the lot of them, or maybe a collage displaying all that furry goodness side by side. Any chance of that? :)

All Bear said...

Hi Shel! All the bears will be displayed on the website on 3rd November (show day!) and I will also have full pics and details on my website on that day. I will of course post their pics on my blog too ... I'm dying to share them with you!


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