Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Postcard from Woody Bay.

We left Kent with a severe weather warning ringing in our ears ... not an ideal start to a UK holiday, but we intrepid Brits don't allow a tiny thing like adverse weather to daunt our plans! The journey should have taken about five hours, but after nearly nine hours of hard slog along flooded motorways we finally arrived, tired and hungry. Our apartment was perched on the side of a cliff and was remote, to say the least. To reach it involved a treacherous drive along a steeply winding cliff road, but it was worth it ... what a beautiful place! Not a soul to be seen for miles and miles, heaven!

My week has been spent hiking up hill and down dale and I've loved the freedom. To be out in wide open spaces, gazing at magnificent scenery has been an absolute privilege. I hope you enjoy sharing a few of my holiday snaps!

With my next show looming on the horizon, I must now pull my head back from the Devonshire clouds and knuckle down to some serious bear-making ... but it won't be easy!


  1. Well hello there Ms Paula...good to see you are still creating stunning bears! I wish you all the best with the Readers Choice Awards!

    Devon looks gorgeous as usual, we went there 'en masse' a few years ago and it was fantastic!


  2. Hello stranger! How lovely to hear from you! Yep, I'm still hard at it ... no one else would be daft enough to employ me after all! I heard a whisper you might be making a few yourself again ... Was it true? I do hope so! Devon was spectacular *sighs*, I'm back to earth with a bump this week! Really good to hear from you lady, keep in touch xx


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