Friday, 17 August 2007

No time, it's showtime!

I'm bashing this post out frantically, while I wait for my latest waxed nose to set, stealing a few moments to say hello and to let you know I'm hard at work getting ready for the big day, Sunday 2nd September.
Showtime is always frantic, there's so much to do! I'm immersed in my work and will no doubt emerge from my workroom right at the very last minute; after all, without beautiful new bears, there's no show!

The Hugglets shows are my favourites and I've been exhibiting at them for many years. I love the showtime buzz and the fact that this particular show really does showcase the cream of our UK crop. The Autumn show is particularly exciting because everyone is inspired by the changing season, so vibrant colour bursts from each corner of the show; it's a time when most designers are in my opinion, at their most creative!

Incidentally, I received my copy of Kathy Martin's teddy bear book today and am bursting with pride! It's such a compliment to have my work referenced in this beautiful book, I can't quite believe it's me in there! I was also thrilled to find Kathy has included some of my personal collection of Chiltern Hugmee teddy bears in there too. It really is a super book and it's a very welcome addition to my collection of reference books. If you're at all interested in teddy bears, I highly recommend it!


  1. nice to peep into your work room ... link to meeeee ... heehee only i supose i belong in the other catagary as i do '' all kinds'' - just workign on a jointed kitten now the bear is finnished !
    cat xxx

  2. Congrats on being published Paula.... way to go!

    Wish I could go to a Hugglets some year..... I almost got there two years ago as I was actually in England. I was too chicken to go alone from Clacton On Sea...and the woman I was staying with could not go on the day due to a bad back. Waaaahhhhhhh!! ooooooh...I could just kick myself....!

  3. Paula good luck with your show... both preparing for it and at it. Congratulations on being included in this new wonderful book! I am not surprised, however - your bears are wonderful! I MUST order my copy soon.

  4. I MUST get that book! Big, huge congratulations to you Paula! Well deserved recognition!

  5. Great to hear from you all! Thank you for the kind comments about my work being referenced in Kathy Martin's lovely book, it's a real privilege. Vee, I hope you get to visit a Hugglets show one day, you'd love it I'm sure! Good luck with the jointed kitten Cat ... you're braver than me, that's for sure! Everything I've ever tried making that wasn't a bear, still looked like a bear, so I took the hint and stuck with making bears!! :o) Kim, Laura Lynn, I just know you'll enjoy the book ... it's packed full of interesting things, has beautiful colour pics and is so well written too x


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